Colloquia Archive

Danijel GrahovacBounds on the support of the spectrum of singularities05-28-2015
Christina KendziorskiStatistical methods for bulk and single-cell RNA-seq experiments04-28-2015
Karl RoheDesign and estimation for respondent driven sampling04-21-2015
Mark ReimersBig data comes to neuroscience: statistical methodology in optical neuro-imaging04-14-2015
Ciprian CrainiceanuNot everybody, but some people move like you: Wearable computing in public health04-07-2015
Srinivasa VaradhanLarge Deviations for translation invariant functionals of Brownian Occupation times04-02-2015
Jun ZhuStatistical Approaches to Regression Analysis of Spatial Data and Mapping of Ecological Processes03-31-2015
Debashis PaulA robust version of Hotelling’s T2 test in high dimensions03-24-2015
B. RajeevMartingale Representation Theorem, Stochastic Derivatives and Adapted Derivatives03-17-2015
Runze LiModel-Free Feature Screening for Ultrahigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis03-03-2015
Zinoviy LandsmanA generalized risk measure for the problem of optimal portfolio selection and its explicit solution02-26-2015
Piotr KokoszkaSome Application of Functional Data Analysis to Space Physics and Finance02-24-2015
Robert LundStationary Count Time Series with Specified Marginal Distribution02-19-2015
Xiaming HuoFast Computing for Statistical Dependency02-17-2015
Frederi ViensParameter estimation for stochastic processes02-12-2015
Hani DossA Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach to Empirical Bayes Inference and Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis via Empirical Processes02-10-2015
Andrey PylypenkoLimits of Markov Processes with Irregular Behavior at a fixed point01-27-2015
Jeffrey WooldridgeFinite Population Causal Standard Errors01-20-2015
Wei ZhengUniversally optimal designs for two interference models01-13-2015
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