Colloquia Archive

Sudheesh KattumannilOn Some testing problem related to age replacement model12-02-2014
Yi LiUltrahigh Dimensional Time Course Feature Selection11-25-2014
Xuming HeModel-Based Inference in Subgroup Analysis11-18-2014
Montse FuentesMultivariate Spatial Modeling of Conditional Dependence to Study Arsenic Contamination11-11-2014
Doug NychkaMulti-resolution spatial methods for large data sets11-04-2014
Aklilu ZelekeOn a Strong Law of Large Numbers10-30-2014
Natesh PillaiSome aspects of Bayesian inference in high demensional problems10-28-2014
Len StefanskiMeasurement Error and Variable Selection10-21-2014
Jeff DouglasSome Statistical Issues in Cognitive Diagnosis and Sequential Detection of Learning10-14-2014
Sun Young HwangInference for stochastic processes via estimating functions10-07-2014
Dan NettletonUsing Quasi-Likelihood Analysis of RNS-Seq Data to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes09-30-2014
Hui JiangStatistical Modeling of RNA Sequencing Data09-23-2014
Naveen Naidu NarisettyHigh Dimensional Variable Selection w Shrinking & Diffusing Priors09-16-2014
Jan BeirlantExtreme Value Statistics for Truncated Pareto Type Distributions09-09-2014
Lan WangQuantile Regression Analysis of High-Dimensional Heterogeneous Data09-02-2014
Jiashun JinSpectral Clustering08-28-2014
Long NguyenAn optimal transport based theory of hierarchical Bayesian inference04-22-2014
Peter HoffStatistical Methods for relational tensor data04-15-2014
Hao ZhangRecent development &some open problems in spatial statistics04-08-2014
Ambuj TewariOnline Learning: Prediction in a Game-Theoretic Framework04-01-2014
Peter SongRegression Analysis of Networked Data03-25-2014
Aylin AlinRobust BCa-JaB Method as a Diagnostic Tool for Linear Regression Models03-18-2014
R.V. RamamoorthiBayesian Asymptotics in Misspecified Models03-11-2014
Eric SludModeling Frame Deficiencies for Improved Calibration02-25-2014
Dianne CookStatistical Inference by Crowd-Sourcing02-18-2014
Soutir BandyopadhyayA Frequency Domain Empirical Likelihood Method for Irregularly Spaced Spatial Data02-11-2014
David BanksText Networks02-04-2014
David HunterModel-Based Clustering of Large Networks01-28-2014
Chenxi LiThe Proportional Subdistribution Hazards Model for Interval Censored Competing Risks Data01-21-2014
Mark IwenApproximation of Points on Low-dimensional Manifolds via Compressive Measurements01-14-2014
Ping-Shou ZhongSome Hypothesis Testing Problems for High Dimensional Data under Sparsity01-09-2014
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