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707A Class of Estimators: A Unifying Tool Towards the Estimation of Gini Index and Its VarientSudheesh Kattumannil2014Download
706Kenward-Roger approximation for linear mixed models with missing covariatesAkshita Chawla, Tapabrata Maiti, Samiran Sinha2014Download
705A Review of the Bootstrap Method for Sampling Without ReplacementP.K. Pathak and A. Alin2014Download
704An Exact Test Against Decreasing Mean Time To Failure Class AlternativesSudheesh K Kattumannil and Anisha P2014Download
703Weak Convergence of Stochastic ProcessesV. Mandrekar2013Download
702Goodness-of-fit tests for marginal distribution of linear random fields with long memoryHira L. Koul and Donatas Surgailis2013Download
701High Dimensional Variable Selection for Gene-Environment InteractionsCen Wu, Ping-Shou Zhong, and Yuehua Cui2013Download
700Minimum Distance Lack-of-Fit Tests Under Long Memory ErrorsHira L. Koul and Donatas Surgailis2013Download
699Limit Theorems for a Class of Additive Functionals of Symmetric Stable Process and Fractional Brownian Motion in Besov-Orlicz SpacesM. Ait Ouahra; A. Kissami, and A. Sghir2012Download
698Goodness-of-fit tests for long memory moving average marginal densityHira L. Koul, Nao Mimoto, and Donatas Surgailis2012Download
697Simultaneous Estimation of Disease Risks and Spatial Clustering: A Hierarchical Bayes ApproachWenning Feng, Chae Young Lim and Tapabrata Maiti.2012Download
696The Sequential BootstrapP.K. Pathak and C.R. Rao2012Download
695Weiner-Masani Work on Prediction Theory and Harmonic AnalysisV. Mandrekar2012Download
694Lack-of-Fit Testing of the Conditional Mean Function in a Class of Markov Multiplicative Error ModelsHira L. Koul, Indeewara Perera, Mervyn J. Silvapulle2012Download
693On Asymptotic Distributions of Weighted Sums of PeriodogramsLiudas Giraitis and Hira L. Koul2012Download
692Tail Estimation of the Spectral Density Under Fixed-Domain AsymptoticsWei-Ying Wu, Chae Young Lim, Yimin Xiao2011Download
691A History of the Department of Statistics and Probability, Michigan State UniversityDennis Gilliland and James Stapleton2011Download
690Change Point Analysis of Cancer Mortality Rates for US States Using Functional Dirichlet ProcessesSarat Dass, Chae Young Lim, Tapabrata Maiti2011Download
689Spline Confidence Envelopes for Covariance Function in Denswe Functional/Longitudinal DataGuanqun Cao, Li Wang, Yehua Li, Lijian Yang2011Download
688Unconstrained Bayesian Model Selection on Inverse Correlation Matrices with Application to Sparse NetworksSarat Dass2011Download
687A model-based kernel machine method for gene-centric gene-gene interactionShaoyu Li and Yuehua Cui2010Download
686Varying coeffient model for gene-environment interaction: a non-linear lookShujie Ma, Lijian YAng, Roberto Romero, Yuehua Cui2010Download
685Using Randomized Confidence Limits to Balance Risk - An Application to Medicare Fraud InvestigationsDennis Gilliland, Don Edwards2010Download
684Lack-of-Fit Testing of the Conditional Mean Function in a Class of Markov Duration ModelsHira L. Koul, Inhdeewara Perera, Mervyn J. Silvapulle2010Download
683A Semi-Parametric Approach to Estimation of ROC Curves for Multivariate Binormal MixturesSarat C. Dass and Seong W. Kim2010Download
682A Goodness-of-fit Test for GARCH Innovation DensityHira Koul and Nao Mimoto2010Download
681Bayesian Inference for Genomic Imprinting Underlying Developmental CharacteristicsRunqing Yang, Xin Wang, and Yuehua Cui2010Download
680Default Bayesian Analysis for Hierarchical Spatial Multivariate ModelsSarat C. Dass, Chae Young Lim, Tapabrata Maiti2010Download
679Experiences with Approximate Bayes Iinference for the Poisson-CAR ModelSarat C. Dass, Chae Young Lim, and Tapabrata Maiti2010Download
678Ergodic Properties of Sum- and Max- Stable Stationary Random Fields Via Null and Positive Group ActionsYizao Wang, Parthanil Roy, and Stilian A. Stoev2009Download
677Bayesian Inference for Genomic Imprinting Underlying Developmental CharacteristicsYang, Wang, Cui2009Download
676Parameter estimation for tempered power law distributionsMeerschaert, Roy, Shao2009Download
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