Colloquia Archive

Qi LongKnowledge-Guided Scalable Bayesian Variable Selection for High-dimensional Data12-05-2017
Juan DuVariogram Models on Spheres11-21-2017
Anirban BhattacharyaStatistical Optimality of Variational Bayes11-14-2017
Yuying XieEstimation of Graphical Models with Biomedical Applications11-07-2017
Marianne HuebnerAge-associated power decline and gender differences in Olympic weightlifting10-31-2017
Jonathan TerhorstInference of population history and natural selection from large samples of genomic data10-24-2017
Arun RossStatistically Speaking: Some Fundamental Challenges in Human Recognition Using Biometrics10-10-2017
Peter ChienSome Statistical Aspects of Uncertainty Quantification10-03-2017
Archil GulisashviliImplied volatility skew in rough stochastic volatility models. Moderate deviation regime09-26-2017
Matthew ReimherrManifold Data Analysis with Applications to High-Resolution 3D Imaging09-19-2017
Brian CaffoFingerprinting With Repeated Resting State Functional MRI Data09-12-2017
Kun Ho KimSimultaneous Inference for the Partially Linear Model with a Multivariate Unknown Function when the Covariates are Measured with Errors04-18-2017
Qi ZhengCensored Quantile Regression in High Dimensional Survival Data04-11-2017
Philip ErnstYule's “Nonsense Correlation” Solved!04-04-2017
Kiseop LeeInformed Traders’ Hedging with News Arrivals03-28-2017
Qidi PengEstimation of the Pointwise Hölder Exponent of Hidden Multifractional Brownian Motion Using Wavelet Coefficients03-14-2017
Peisong HanEmpirical Likelihood Methods for Missing-data Analysis, Data Integration and More02-28-2017
Zhengwu ZhangMetric-Based Registration and Analysis of Functional Data02-23-2017
Yang ChenDelineating Protein Transportation Processes: Hierarchical Models for Single-Molecule Data02-21-2017
Haolei WengHigh Dimensional Bridge Regression: A Unified View02-16-2017
Andrea KaplanModel Matters with Restricted Boltzmann Machines02-14-2017
Soutir BandyopadhyayA General Frequency Domain Method for Assessing Spatial Covariance Structures02-09-2017
Subhadeep PaulCommunity Detection in Multi-Layer Networks02-07-2017
Mark ReimersBig Data in Neuroscience: Analysis Challenges for the Coming Decades01-10-2017
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