Colloquia Archive

Qi LongKnowledge-Guided Scalable Bayesian Variable Selection for High-dimensional Data12-05-2017
Juan DuVariogram Models on Spheres11-21-2017
Anirban BhattacharyaStatistical Optimality of Variational Bayes11-14-2017
Yuying XieEstimation of Graphical Models with Biomedical Applications11-07-2017
Marianne HuebnerAge-associated power decline and gender differences in Olympic weightlifting10-31-2017
Jonathan TerhorstInference of population history and natural selection from large samples of genomic data10-24-2017
Arun RossStatistically Speaking: Some Fundamental Challenges in Human Recognition Using Biometrics10-10-2017
Peter ChienSome Statistical Aspects of Uncertainty Quantification10-03-2017
Archil GulisashviliImplied volatility skew in rough stochastic volatility models. Moderate deviation regime09-26-2017
Matthew ReimherrManifold Data Analysis with Applications to High-Resolution 3D Imaging09-19-2017
Brian CaffoFingerprinting With Repeated Resting State Functional MRI Data09-12-2017
Kun Ho KimSimultaneous Inference for the Partially Linear Model with a Multivariate Unknown Function when the Covariates are Measured with Errors04-18-2017
Qi ZhengCensored Quantile Regression in High Dimensional Survival Data04-11-2017
Philip ErnstYule's “Nonsense Correlation” Solved!04-04-2017
Kiseop LeeInformed Traders’ Hedging with News Arrivals03-28-2017
Qidi PengEstimation of the Pointwise Hölder Exponent of Hidden Multifractional Brownian Motion Using Wavelet Coefficients03-14-2017
Peisong HanEmpirical Likelihood Methods for Missing-data Analysis, Data Integration and More02-28-2017
Zhengwu ZhangMetric-Based Registration and Analysis of Functional Data02-23-2017
Yang ChenDelineating Protein Transportation Processes: Hierarchical Models for Single-Molecule Data02-21-2017
Haolei WengHigh Dimensional Bridge Regression: A Unified View02-16-2017
Andrea KaplanModel Matters with Restricted Boltzmann Machines02-14-2017
Soutir BandyopadhyayA General Frequency Domain Method for Assessing Spatial Covariance Structures02-09-2017
Subhadeep PaulCommunity Detection in Multi-Layer Networks02-07-2017
Mark ReimersBig Data in Neuroscience: Analysis Challenges for the Coming Decades01-10-2017
Xiaofeng ShaoMartingale Difference Divergence and Its Applications to Contemporary Statistics12-06-2016
Anindya BhadraDefault Bayes and Prediction Problems with Global-Local Shrinkage Priors11-29-2016
Hyun Min KangMixture Models for Sequence Contamination and Single Cell Transcriptomics11-22-2016
Peter BuhlmannHierarchical High-Dimensional Statistical Inference11-15-2016
Andrey SarantsevCompeting Brownian Particles11-08-2016
Xi ChenStatistical Inference for Model Parameters with Stochastic Gradient Descent11-01-2016
Jennifer KaplanPromoting Instructional Change Through Professional Development of Undergraduate Instructors10-28-2016
Winfried StuteOn The Information Hierarchy in Survival Models10-27-2016
Winfried StuteEmpirical Martingale Spaces with Applications10-25-2016
Kjell DoksumEnsemble Subspace Methods for High Dimensional Data10-07-2016
Martin LindquistHigh-dimensional Multivariate Mediation with Application to Neuroimaging Data10-04-2016
Frederi ViensParameter Estimation of Stationary Gaussian Processes Using the Generalized Method of Moments09-29-2016
Seunggeun (Shawn) LeeAsymptotic properties of principal component analysis and shrinkage-bias adjustment in high-dimensional data09-20-2016
William KleiberSome problems in spatial modeling: multivariate random fields and simulation09-13-2016
Marianne HuebnerA Contemporary Framework for Initial Data Analysis09-06-2016
Mladen KolarInference in high-dimensional semi-parametric graphical models04-12-2016
Narayana BalakrishnaVerying Kernel Marginal Density Estimator for a Positive Time Series04-05-2016
Jian KangScalar-on-Image Regression via Soft-Thresholded Gaussian Processes03-29-2016
Vivekananda RoyEstimating standard errors for importance sampling estimators with multiple Markov chains03-22-2016
Samiran SinhaAnalysis of proportional odds models with censoring and errors-in-covariates03-15-2016
Kevin HeCovariance-insured Screening for Selecting Ultrahigh Dimensional Variables03-01-2016
Rajib PaulRobust Estimation and Fitting of Reduced Rank Models to Large Spatial Datasets02-23-2016
Xiang ZhouA Unified Framework for Variance Component Estimation with Summary Statistics in Genetic Assoc Studies02-16-2016
Saonli BasuUSAT: A Unified Score-based Association Test for Multiple Phenotype-Genotype Analysis02-09-2016
Yanyuan MaA Semiparametric Approach to Dimension Reduction02-02-2016
Hyunkeun ChoQuantile Marginal Regression for Longitudinal Data with Dropouts01-26-2016
Dr. Alexander AuePredicting functional time series12-01-2015
Dr. Bo LiStatistics in Paleoclimate Reconstruction11-24-2015
Dr. Catherine CalderRegression-Based Covariance Functions for Nonstationary Spatial Modeling11-17-2015
Dr. Yoonkyung LeeGeneralized Principal Component Analysis: Dimensionality Reduction through the Projection of Natural Parameters11-10-2015
Dr. Jan HannigGeneralized fiducial Inference: A Review11-03-2015
Dr. Mi-Ok KimSemiparametric Approach to a Random Effects Quantile Regression Model10-27-2015
Dr. Yingying FanInnovated Interaction Screening for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Classification10-20-2015
Ping MaLeveraging for big data regression10-13-2015
Dr. Hui ZouAnother Look at DWD: Thrifty Algorithm and Bayes Risk Consistency in RKHS10-06-2015
Dr. Bimal SinhaExact Inference Based on Single Synthetic Data for Multivariate Normal and Univariate Linear Regression Normal Models09-29-2015
Jun LiRobust estimation of isoform expression with RNA-Seq data09-22-2015
Grace HongA data-driven approach to conditional screening of high dimensional variables09-15-2015
Magda PeligradOn the Spectral Theory of Random Matrices09-08-2015
Danijel GrahovacBounds on the support of the spectrum of singularities05-28-2015
Christina KendziorskiStatistical methods for bulk and single-cell RNA-seq experiments04-28-2015
Karl RoheDesign and estimation for respondent driven sampling04-21-2015
Mark ReimersBig data comes to neuroscience: statistical methodology in optical neuro-imaging04-14-2015
Ciprian CrainiceanuNot everybody, but some people move like you: Wearable computing in public health04-07-2015
Srinivasa VaradhanLarge Deviations for translation invariant functionals of Brownian Occupation times04-02-2015
Jun ZhuStatistical Approaches to Regression Analysis of Spatial Data and Mapping of Ecological Processes03-31-2015
Debashis PaulA robust version of Hotelling’s T2 test in high dimensions03-24-2015
B. RajeevMartingale Representation Theorem, Stochastic Derivatives and Adapted Derivatives03-17-2015
Runze LiModel-Free Feature Screening for Ultrahigh Dimensional Discriminant Analysis03-03-2015
Zinoviy LandsmanA generalized risk measure for the problem of optimal portfolio selection and its explicit solution02-26-2015
Piotr KokoszkaSome Application of Functional Data Analysis to Space Physics and Finance02-24-2015
Robert LundStationary Count Time Series with Specified Marginal Distribution02-19-2015
Xiaming HuoFast Computing for Statistical Dependency02-17-2015
Frederi ViensParameter estimation for stochastic processes02-12-2015
Hani DossA Markov Chain Monte Carlo Approach to Empirical Bayes Inference and Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis via Empirical Processes02-10-2015
Andrey PylypenkoLimits of Markov Processes with Irregular Behavior at a fixed point01-27-2015
Jeffrey WooldridgeFinite Population Causal Standard Errors01-20-2015
Wei ZhengUniversally optimal designs for two interference models01-13-2015
Sudheesh KattumannilOn Some testing problem related to age replacement model12-02-2014
Yi LiUltrahigh Dimensional Time Course Feature Selection11-25-2014
Xuming HeModel-Based Inference in Subgroup Analysis11-18-2014
Montse FuentesMultivariate Spatial Modeling of Conditional Dependence to Study Arsenic Contamination11-11-2014
Doug NychkaMulti-resolution spatial methods for large data sets11-04-2014
Aklilu ZelekeOn a Strong Law of Large Numbers10-30-2014
Natesh PillaiSome aspects of Bayesian inference in high demensional problems10-28-2014
Len StefanskiMeasurement Error and Variable Selection10-21-2014
Jeff DouglasSome Statistical Issues in Cognitive Diagnosis and Sequential Detection of Learning10-14-2014
Sun Young HwangInference for stochastic processes via estimating functions10-07-2014
Dan NettletonUsing Quasi-Likelihood Analysis of RNS-Seq Data to Identify Differentially Expressed Genes09-30-2014
Hui JiangStatistical Modeling of RNA Sequencing Data09-23-2014
Naveen Naidu NarisettyHigh Dimensional Variable Selection w Shrinking & Diffusing Priors09-16-2014
Jan BeirlantExtreme Value Statistics for Truncated Pareto Type Distributions09-09-2014
Lan WangQuantile Regression Analysis of High-Dimensional Heterogeneous Data09-02-2014
Jiashun JinSpectral Clustering08-28-2014
Long NguyenAn optimal transport based theory of hierarchical Bayesian inference04-22-2014
Peter HoffStatistical Methods for relational tensor data04-15-2014
Hao ZhangRecent development &some open problems in spatial statistics04-08-2014
Ambuj TewariOnline Learning: Prediction in a Game-Theoretic Framework04-01-2014
Peter SongRegression Analysis of Networked Data03-25-2014
Aylin AlinRobust BCa-JaB Method as a Diagnostic Tool for Linear Regression Models03-18-2014
R.V. RamamoorthiBayesian Asymptotics in Misspecified Models03-11-2014
Eric SludModeling Frame Deficiencies for Improved Calibration02-25-2014
Dianne CookStatistical Inference by Crowd-Sourcing02-18-2014
Soutir BandyopadhyayA Frequency Domain Empirical Likelihood Method for Irregularly Spaced Spatial Data02-11-2014
David BanksText Networks02-04-2014
David HunterModel-Based Clustering of Large Networks01-28-2014
Chenxi LiThe Proportional Subdistribution Hazards Model for Interval Censored Competing Risks Data01-21-2014
Mark IwenApproximation of Points on Low-dimensional Manifolds via Compressive Measurements01-14-2014
Ping-Shou ZhongSome Hypothesis Testing Problems for High Dimensional Data under Sparsity01-09-2014
Weixing SongNonparametric Regression with Errors in Partial Variables12-03-2013
Gustavo DidierProbabilistic and inferential aspects of self-similarity in the multivariate and multiparameter settings11-26-2013
Shyamal PeddadaTest for Multivariate Stochastic Order Among Ordered11-19-2013
Dan SpitznerBayesian testing and multiple-testing using neutral-data comparisons11-12-2013
Yaniv PlanNoise, non-linearity, and low-dimensionality in high-dimensional inference11-07-2013
Jing QinEmpirical likelihood, selection biased sampling, semiparametric generalized linear model: connections and applications11-05-2013
Guang ChengThe Long March Towards Joint Asymptotics: My 1st Steps...10-31-2013
Wei PanAdjustment for Population Stratification in Genetic Association Analysis with Sequencing Data10-29-2013
James BoyettStatistical History that is Very Relevant to Today’s Clinical Trials; especially with more “Data Miners,” Publication Bias and “Expert” Central Reviewers of Components of Clinical Trials10-22-2013
Liang PengInterval Estimation for Random Coefficient AR Model and Predictive Regressions10-15-2013
Yufeng LiuJoint Estimation of Multiple Dependent Gaussian Graphical Models with Applications to Mouse Genetics10-08-2013
Domenico MarinucciTesting for Isotropy and Geometric Features of Needlets Excursion Sets09-24-2013
Jana JureckovaAveraged Regression Quantiles09-17-2013
Stephen PortnoyThe Jackknife's Edge: Inference on Censored Regression Quantiles09-10-2013
Chae Young LimEstimation of Smoothness of a Stationary Gaussian Random Field09-03-2013
Persi DiaconisMathematics and Statistics for Large Networks08-30-2013
Yaniv PlanIntroduction to Compressed Sensing (PM)08-27-2013
Yaniv PlanIntroduction to Compressed Sensing (AM)08-27-2013
Professor Arup BoseConsistency of Large Dimensional Sample Covariance Matrix Under Weak Dependence05-28-2013
Kun Ho KimParametric Specification Tests for Non-linear Time Series Models04-23-2013
Pengsheng JiOptimality in High Dimensional Variable Selection04-16-2013
Xiaotong ShenPersonalized Information Filtering04-09-2013
Song WuMulti-loci Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping of Complex Traits04-02-2013
Emiliano ValdezMultivariate Negative Binomial Models for Insurance Claim Counts03-28-2013
Jiashun JinCANCELED03-26-2013
Soumen LahiriA Penalized Empirical Likelihood Method in High Dimensions03-19-2013
Joshua FrenchSpatio-Temporal Exceedance Locations and Confidence Regions03-12-2013
Ji ZhuJoint Estimation of Multiple Graphical Models02-26-2013
Eric R. UlmAnalytic Solution for Ratchet Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit Options Under a Variety of Mortality Laws02-19-2013
Stephen HsuGenetic Architecture of Intelligence02-19-2013
Maxim BichuchPrice of a Contingent Claim Liability in a Market with Small Transaction Costs02-14-2013
Fred WrightSome useful permutation methods you've probably never used02-12-2013
Hyokyoung (Grace) HongQuantile Approaches to Limited Response Variables02-07-2013
Liang HongA Note on the Cost of Hedging Variable Annuities02-07-2013
Tianxiang ShiThe Time to Ruin: Analysis of an Insurer's Solvency Risk02-05-2013
Jiahan LiA Fast Algorithm for Detecting Gene-Gene Interactions in Genome-Wide Association Studie02-05-2013
Xiaoying HanDynamics of Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Differential Equations01-31-2013
Jonathan TaylorSuprema of random fields with applications01-29-2013
Heng WangCopy Number Variation Detection Using Next Generation Sequencing Read Counts01-24-2013
Wenning FengClustering and Variable Selection: Some Contributions to Spatial Regression01-22-2013
No Morning Colloquium this weekN/A01-22-2013
Yuefeng WuHellinger Distance and Bayesian Non-Parametrics Hierarchical Models for Robust and Efficient Bayesian Inference01-17-2013
Min WangA New Bayesian Strength of Evidence for Testing a Point Null Hypotheses Using Divergence Measures01-15-2013
Xizhen CaiVariable Selction for the Porportional Odds Model01-10-2013
Heng WangTesting a Union-of-Cones Null Hypothesis for the Identification of Heterosis01-08-2013
Mikyoung JunNonstationary cross-covariance models for multivariate processes on a globe12-04-2012
Michael DanielsA Nonparametric Prior for Simultaneous Covariance Estimation in Longitudinal Data11-27-2012
Karthik BharatAsymptotics of Clustering Criteria for Smooth Distributions11-20-2012
Xiaohui ChenCovariance and Precision Matrix Estimation for High-Dimensional Time Series11-13-2012
David FindleyComplementary Properties of an F-Test and a Spectral Diagnostic for Detecting Seasonality in Unadjusted and Seasonally Adjusted Time Series11-06-2012
Fred WrightUseful resampling methods you've probably never used10-30-2012
Dr. Song SongLarge Spatial Covariance Matrix Estimation for High Dimensional Time Series with Application to Semiprarmetric Model Construction10-23-2012
Alexandra PiryatinskaChange-point detection for non-stationary time series via complexity of functions and its applications to EEG data.10-16-2012
Ryan MartinPlausibility functions and exact frequentist inference10-09-2012
Jingcheng LiuRare-event Analysis and Simulations for Gaussian and Its Related Processes10-02-2012
Rebecca SteortsBalancing the books by benchmarking: What to do when small area estimates just don't add up09-25-2012
Rob TempelmanBeyond the Generalized Linear Mixed Model: a Hierarchical Bayesian Perspective09-18-2012
Peter J. BickelSurprising Phenomena in Inference for iid p Dimensional Data09-11-2012
Professor Peter J. BickelSome Examples of Statistical Inference in Genomics09-06-2012
Peter J. BickelTopics in Nonparametric Inference for Unlabeled Network Models09-04-2012
Arup BosePatterned Random Matrices05-29-2012
Estate V. KhmaladzeOn distribution free tests for discrete distributions and an extension to continuous time05-15-2012
Nathaniel Tymes, Jr.Are online courses the right choice for you?04-26-2012
Subhadeep MukhopadhyayLP-comoments: Theory, Methodology and Interpretation04-17-2012
Shyamal PeddadaIdentification of a core set of signature cell cycle genes whose relative order of time to peak expression is conserved across species04-12-2012
Liza LevinaConsistency of community detection and probability models in networks04-10-2012
Dr. Terry TherneauMitochondra, Aging, and Sequencing Errors04-03-2012
Qing LuStatistical Approaches for High-Dimensional Family-Based Genetic Association Studies03-27-2012
Vladimir KoltchinskiiComplexity Penalization in Low Rank Matrix Regression03-20-2012
Juyong ParkA Robust Test for Detecting a Signal in a High Dimensional Sparse Normal Vector03-13-2012
Xiaojing WangBayesian Analysis of Dynamic Item Response Models02-23-2012
Stephen StanhopeMixed Model/Score Test Based Methods for Association Studies of Binary Traits with Risk Covariates in Populations of Related Individuals02-21-2012
Lifeng WangFunctional Least Angle Regression for High Dimensional Additive Models02-14-2012
Qing WangTopics in U-Statistics and Estimation02-09-2012
Jessi CisewskiGeneralized Fiducial Inference for Linear Mixed Models02-02-2012
Alexander SakhanenkoGeneralizations of KMT Approximation for Sequences of Partial Sums01-24-2012
Kun Ho KimInference of the Semi-Parametric Partial Linear Model01-17-2012
Marianne HuebnerLymph node ratio or estimating the probability of understaging in rectal and breast cancer01-10-2012
Guanqun CaoSpline Confidence Envelopes for Covariance Function in Dense Functional Longitudinal Data11-29-2011
Wei Biao WuRandom Matrix Theory and Covariance Matrix Estimation11-22-2011
Alexander LindnerStrictly Stationary ARMA Processes11-15-2011
Dongchu SunBayesian Analysis of Variance11-08-2011
Jung-Ying TzengDetecting and Comprehending Marker-Set Association for Common and Rare Variants11-01-2011
Raoul LePageA New Sampling Based Approach to Multiple Linear Regression10-25-2011
Vanja DukicTracking Flu Epidemics - Google Flu Trends and Particle Learning Algorithms10-18-2011
Owen CarmichaelDiffusion MRI & Resting State Functional MRI: Two Brain Imaging Modalities That Need Statistical Help10-11-2011
Dennis GillilandLower Estimates for Recovery of Overcharges to Medicare09-27-2011
Erik SegurDistributed Computing09-20-2011
Renee SchillingPath Properties for Levy Type Processes09-15-2011
Peter StrakaMicroscopic Models for Anomalous Diffusion with Reactions09-06-2011
Michael L. SteinWhen does the screening effect hold?09-01-2011
Donatas SurgailisA Two-Sample Test for Comparison of Long Memory Parameters04-26-2011
N. LeonenkoFractional Elliptic, Hyperbolic and Parabolic Random Fields04-21-2011
Xihong LinStatistical Methods for Rare Variant Association Testing for Sequencing Data04-19-2011
David RuppertSemiparametric Regression, Penalized Splines, and Mixed Models04-14-2011
Davar KhoshnevisanOn the Chaotic Character of Some Parabolic Stochastic PDEs04-12-2011
Philippe BarbeNon-Stationary Fractional Processes04-07-2011
Veronica BerrocalSpace-Time Data Fusion Under Error in Computer Model Output: An Application to Modeling Air Quality04-05-2011
Peter HallModelling the Variability of Rankings03-29-2011
Peter HallClustering High-Dimensional Data Using Evidence of Multimodality03-24-2011
Peter HallContemporary Frontiers in Statistics03-22-2011
Tenko RaykovModeling Time to Event via Survival Analysis Using Latent Predictors with Multiple Indicators: Does Depression Warn of an Impending Stroke?03-01-2011
Alla SikorskiiThe Student Subordinator Model with Dependence for Risky Asset Returns02-22-2011
Ping-Shou ZhongTests for High Dimensional Regression Coefficients with Factorial Designs02-17-2011
Ci-Ren JiangCovariate Adjusted Functional Principal Component Analysis02-15-2011
Xu HanFalse Discovery Control Under Arbitrary Dependence02-10-2011
Qunhua LiMeasuring Reproducibility of High-Throughput Biological Experiments02-08-2011
Beatrix JonesChallenges in Gaussian Graphical Models02-01-2011
David S. MattesonForecasting Emergency Medical Service Call Arrival Rates01-27-2011
Sungkyu JungStatistical Analysis of Data on Curved Manifolds01-25-2011
George MichailidisJoint Estimation of Multiple Graphical Models01-20-2011
Shaoyu LiGene-Centric Gene-Gene Interactions: A Model-Based Kernel Machine Method01-11-2011
A. V. ChechkinA Few "Paradoxes" of Levy Flights from a Physicist's Point of View12-14-2010
Dapeng ZhanA Stochastic Coupling Technique in the Study of SLE12-07-2010
Zbigniew J. JurekThe Random Integral Representation Conjecture11-30-2010
Han XiaoOn Sample Autocovariances of Stationary Processes11-23-2010
Wexing SongDistribution-Free Test in Tobit Mean Regression Model11-18-2010
Don EdwardsClosed Sequential and Multistage Inference with Binary Response11-16-2010
Shujia MaA Simultaneous Confidence Band for Sparse Longitudinal Regression11-11-2010
Shlomo LeventalFunctional Ito Formula11-09-2010
Sun JiayangModern Statistical Process Control: Wonder of Tube Formulae and Covariance Estimation11-02-2010
Boris BaeumerApproximating Tempered Operator Stable Random Variables10-28-2010
Susan MurphyInference for Dynamic Treatment Regimes10-26-2010
Jennifer KaplanLexical Ambiguity in Statistics: The Cases of Random and Spread10-12-2010
Anita BehmeProperties of Stationary Solutions of the SDE $dV_t=V_{t-}dU_t +dL_t$10-05-2010
Anton SchickAn Empirical Likelihood Approach to Goodness of Fit Testing09-28-2010
Parthanil RoyErgodic Properties of Stable Random Fields09-21-2010
Chae Young LimModeling Point Processes with Spatially Dependent Marks: A Case Study in Fingerprint Analysis09-14-2010
Lifeng WangBoosting for High-Dimensional Nonparametric Additive Models09-07-2010
Hannu OjaOn Multivariate Location, Scatter, Skewness, and Kurtosis, and the Invariant Coordinate System (ICS)05-18-2010
Stefan TappeTerm Structure Models Driven by Wiener Processes and Poisson Measures: Existence and Positivity05-11-2010
Tathagata BanerjeeTesting Equality of Means for Paired Data When the Labels are Unknown04-29-2010
Wolfgang PolonikTesting for Modality, Residual Empirical Process and Weighted Sums for Time Varying Processes04-27-2010
David NualartCentral Limit Theorems for Functionals of Gaussian Processes and Applications04-20-2010
Malay GhoshBenchmarked Small Area Estimators04-13-2010
Jan BeirlantReduced Bias Estimators in Joint Tail Modeling04-08-2010
Naisyn WangFunctional Latent Features Models04-06-2010
Professor N. N. LeonenkoSeries Expansions for the First Passage Distribution of Pearson-Kolmogorov Jump Diffusions04-01-2010
Kun Ho KimTime-Varying Risk Aversion03-30-2010
Raoul LePageRandomization Transfer03-23-2010
Marc HallinMultivariate Quantiles and Multiple-Output Regression Quantiles: From L1 Optimization to Halfspace Depth03-18-2010
Gennady SamorodnitskyLarge Deviations for Point Processes Based On Stationary Sequences with Heavy Tails03-16-2010
Lexin LiDimension Reduction by Groups03-02-2010
Ahmad Reza SoltaniTruncated Stable Random Variables: Characterization and Simulation02-23-2010
Alla SikorskiiVariance Gamma and Normal Inverse Gaussian Risky Asset Models with Dependence through Fractal Activity Time02-16-2010
Jeffrey RacineConstrained Nonparametric Kernel Regression: Estimation and Inference02-09-2010
Yuehua CuiA Statistical Variance Components Framework for Mappng Imprinted Quantitative Trait Loci Underlying Endosperm Traits in Flowering Plants02-02-2010
Xia ChenIntersections of Random Walks: Large Deviations01-19-2010
Linglong KongMultivariate Quantile Regression: A Directional Approach01-12-2010
Qiongxia SongOracally Efficient Spline Smoothing of Nonlinear Additive Augogression Models with Simultaneous Confidence Band12-08-2009
Roderick LittleThe Analysis of Data Involving Assays Subject to Measurement Error12-01-2009
Lifeng WangBoosting for High-Dimensional Linear Models with Grouped Variables11-24-2009
Ton DiekerInterlacings and the Interchange Process on Weighted Graphs11-17-2009
Fang YaoFunctional Mixture Regression11-10-2009
Dennis Gilliland and Vince MelfiQuantitative Literacy at Michigan State University11-03-2009
Shailaja DeshmukhStrong Completeness and its Applications to Random Thinning of Random Processes10-27-2009
Wenbo V. LiSmall Value Phenomena in Probability and Statistics10-20-2009
Sidney ResnickModeling Data Network Sessions and the Conditional Extreme Value Model10-13-2009
Sastry G. PantulaUnit Root Tests -Thirty Years and Ticking!!!10-08-2009
Milan MerkleJensen's Inequality for Multivariate Medians10-06-2009
Mark M. MeerschaertSpace-time Duality for Fractional Diffusion09-29-2009
Vicky FasenExtremes of Autoregressive Threshold Processes09-22-2009
Xiao-Li MengTo Center or Not to Center: That is Not the Question - An Ancillarity-Sufficiency Interrweaving Strategy (ASIS) for Boosting MCMC Efficiency09-18-2009
Saurabh GhoshModel-Free Linkage and Association Mapping of Complex Traits Using Quantitative Endophenotypes09-15-2009
Tailen HsingDeciding the Dimension of Effective Reduction Space for Functional and High-Dimensional Data09-08-2009
Tatyana KrivobokovaSome Asymptotic Results On Penalized Spline Smoothing08-11-2009
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