Colloquia Archive

Winfried StuteEmpirical Martingale Spaces with Applications10-25-2016
Kjell DoksumEnsemble Subspace Methods for High Dimensional Data10-07-2016
Martin LindquistHigh-dimensional Multivariate Mediation with Application to Neuroimaging Data10-04-2016
Frederi ViensParameter Estimation of Stationary Gaussian Processes Using the Generalized Method of Moments09-29-2016
Seunggeun (Shawn) LeeAsymptotic properties of principal component analysis and shrinkage-bias adjustment in high-dimensional data09-20-2016
William KleiberSome problems in spatial modeling: multivariate random fields and simulation09-13-2016
Marianne HuebnerA Contemporary Framework for Initial Data Analysis09-06-2016
Mladen KolarInference in high-dimensional semi-parametric graphical models04-12-2016
Narayana BalakrishnaVerying Kernel Marginal Density Estimator for a Positive Time Series04-05-2016
Jian KangScalar-on-Image Regression via Soft-Thresholded Gaussian Processes03-29-2016
Vivekananda RoyEstimating standard errors for importance sampling estimators with multiple Markov chains03-22-2016
Samiran SinhaAnalysis of proportional odds models with censoring and errors-in-covariates03-15-2016
Kevin HeCovariance-insured Screening for Selecting Ultrahigh Dimensional Variables03-01-2016
Rajib PaulRobust Estimation and Fitting of Reduced Rank Models to Large Spatial Datasets02-23-2016
Xiang ZhouA Unified Framework for Variance Component Estimation with Summary Statistics in Genetic Assoc Studies02-16-2016
Saonli BasuUSAT: A Unified Score-based Association Test for Multiple Phenotype-Genotype Analysis02-09-2016
Yanyuan MaA Semiparametric Approach to Dimension Reduction02-02-2016
Hyunkeun ChoQuantile Marginal Regression for Longitudinal Data with Dropouts01-26-2016
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