Statistical Genetics/Genomics

Journal Club meeting schedule


Fall 2012





Tao He

Hongzhe Li (2012). U-statistics in genetic association studies. Human Genetics, 131: 13951401.


Honglang Wang

Wei Sun and Yijuan Hu (2012) eQTL mapping using RNA-seq data. Statistics in Biosciences (in press).


Cen Wu

Ming Hu, Yu Zhu, Jeremy M G Taylor, Jun Liu and Zhaohui Qin. (2012) Using Poisson mixed-effects model to quantify transcript-level gene expression in RNA-Seq. Bioinformatics, 28: 6368.


Bin Gao

Jianqing Fan and Sheng-Kuei Lin. (1998) Test of Significance When Data are Curves. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 93: 1007-1021.


Ran Cao

Efficient Control of Population Structure in Model Organism Association Mapping. Genetics

Genome-wide efficient mixed model analysis for association studies. Nature Genetics





Journal club meeting is on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm - 4:30pm in C405 Wells Hall. We have a delayed start this semester due to a busy schedule.

For more information, please contact Yuehua Cui. If you would like to join our group discussion or would like to present a talk, please drop me a line.

Previous journal club meetings:

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      Fall 2008

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