Statistical Genetics/Genomics

Journal Club meeting schedule


Spring 2015





Shunjie Guan

Ma, S. and Xu, S. (2015) Semiparametric Nonlinear Regression for Detecting Gene and Environment Interactions. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 156: 31-47.


Honglang Wang

Lei, J. (2014) Adaptive Global Testing for Functional Linear Models. JASA. 109: 624-634.


Jingyi Zhang

Jiang, C-R. and Wang, J-L. (2011) Functional Single Index Models for Longitudinal Data. Annals of Statistics 39: 362-388.


Bin Gao

Research presentation “Genetical genomics analysis incorporating network structures”.


Xu Liu

Xihong Lin. (1997) Variance component testing in generalised linear models with random effects. Biometrika 84: 309-326.


Tao He

Cai, T.T. and Z. Ma. (2013) Optimal hypothesis testing for high dimensional covariance matrices. Bernoulli 19: 2359-2388.


Due to a busy department interview schedule in early spring, we will start our journal club meeting after the spring break. The meeting time is at 4:30pm - 5:30pm on Thursday afternoon in C405 Wells Hall. If you would like to present a paper or a research talk, please drop me a line. Attendance is open and everyone is welcome to join. We hope to see you there.

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