Aug. 2013–present  Ph.D. in Statistics and Probability, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Advisor: Dr. Lyudmila Sakhanenko
Sep. 2007–Jun. 2009  MS in Statistics, National Central University, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Advisor: Dr. Tsai-Hung Fan
Sep. 2003–Jun. 2007  BS in Mathematics, National Central University, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan

Research Interests

Work Experience

Jan. 2016–Dec. 2016  Research Assistant @ Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Michigan State University
Supervisor: Dr. Yuying Xie and Dr. Mark Reimers
- Research in neuroimaging data, including movement correction, denosing, registration, and Fourier analysis
Aug. 2010–Jul. 2013  Research Assistant @ Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica
Supervisor: Dr. Jeng-Min Chiou
- Research in functional data, including functional clustering, functional linear model, functoinal prediction, and
  missing value imputation and outlier detection for functional data
- Programming Assistant (Chiou, J.-M, Annals of Applied Statistics, 2012)
Aug. 2009–Aug. 2010  Corporal @ Military Service, Beigan Township, Lienchiang County, Taiwan
Jul. 2007–Jun. 2009  Network Administrator @ Graduate Institute of Statistics, National Central University
- Manage and maintain e-mail server based on FreeBSD operating system
- Design an alumni website for graduate alumnus
- Maintenance and elimination of common breakdown of the PCs in computer laboratory
Feb. 2005–Jun. 2007  Network Administrator @ Mathematics Computation Laboratory, Department of Mathematics, National Central University
- Manage e-mail server and design some rules to block spam mail
- Design a network sync upgrade system of more than 80 computers over 2 classrooms
- Devise a web-based roll call and sign in system
Feb. 2004–Jan. 2005  Network Assistant @ Mathematics Computation Laboratory, Department of Mathematics, National Central University
- Provide software support and computer consulting for freshmen
- Supervise the network and do system analysis and trouble shooting

Teaching Experience

Year Semester Role Course number with title and sections numbers (in parentheses)
2018 Spring TA STT 231 Statistics for Scientists (004, 005, 006)
2017 Fall TA STT 200 Statistical Methods (011, 012)
GA STT 873 Statistical Learning and Data Mining (001)
Spring TA STT 315 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Business (015, 018, 019, 021)
2016 Fall RA* STT 442 Probability and Statistics II: Statistics (001)
STT 861 Theory of Probability and Statistics I (001)
2015 Fall TA STT 200 Statistical Methods (019, 020)
Summer Instructor STT 200 Statistical Methods (204)
Spring TA STT 224 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Ecologists (001, 002, 003, 004)
2014 Fall GA STT 863 Statistical Methods I (001)
STT 886 Stochastic Processes and Applications (001)
Summer GA STT 421 Statistics I (101)
STT 430 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (101)
Spring GA STT 351 Probability and Statistics for Engineering (001H, 002)
STT 430 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (001)
2013 Fall GA STT 441 Probability and Statistics I: Probability (001, 002, 003)
RA*: Sporadically acted as teaching substitute for my advisor.


  1. Zhang, Y.-C., Sakhanenko, L. (2018), The Naive Bayes Classifier for Functional Data. Submitted to Computational Statistics & Data Analysis.
  2. Zhang, Y.-C. (2018+), An Algorithm for Identifying Multiple Mean Chang-Points in Functional Sequence. In preparation.
  3. Chiou, J.-M., Zhang, Y.-C., Chen, W.-H., and Chang, C.-W. (2014), A Functional Data Approach to Missing Value Imputation and Outlier Detection for Traffic Flow Data. Transportmetrica B: Transport Dynamics, 2, 106-129.
  4. Fan, T.-H., Wang, Y.-F., and Zhang, Y.-C. (2014), Bayesian Model Selection in Linear Mixed Effects Models with Autoregressive(p) Errors Using Mixture Priors. Journal of Applied Statistics, 41, 1814-1829.


  • College of Natural Science Dissertation Continuation Fellowship Summer 2017, Michigan State University.

Computer Sills

  • Advanced knowledge in C/C++ and Perl.
  • Experienced in using mathematics and statistics software including MATLAB and R.
  • Ability to use C/C++ under R and MATLAB to carry out secondary development.
  • Extensive experience of using Linux system with a focus on Ubuntu/Debian.
  • Strong knowledge of Linux/Unix environment and ability to write shell scripts to automate tasks.
  • Understanding and experience to work with parallel computing API such as openMP and MPI.
  • Fluent in LaTeX for document preparation and TikZ for producing vector graphics.
  • Working knowledge of structure query language such as MySQL.

Software Packages

  • Autologistic-Models: An R package implemented in C++. The objective of this program is to reduce the estimating bias of parameters when fitting autologistic models.
  • Modified-Rainbow: A modified version of rainbow package in R that uses the functional principal component instead of the robust principal component.
  • Parallel-Kernel: The kernel density estimation implemented in C++ and paralleled via OpenMP.
  • MCEM: An R package that realizes the Implementation of the Monte Carlo EM Algorithm, Richard A. Levine and George Casella (2001)
  • All above packages are available on my GitHub.