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64. Y. Zuo (2020)

Non-asymptotic analysis and inference for an outlyingness induced winsorized mean”

(in press), arXiv:2105.02337

Statistical Papers


63. W. Shao*, Y. Zuo, and June Luo (2018)

Employing the MCMC Technique to Compute the Projection Depth in High Dimensions” (in press)

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics




62. Y. Zuo (2019)

“Computation of projection regression depth and its induced median”

Computational statistics and data analysis, Vol. 158June 2021, 107184.


[some thirty plus instances of (Matlab, R, and Rcpp) code associated with the article are available at] arXiv:1905.11846, PDF


61. Y. Zuo (2018)

“On general notions of depth for regression”

(Statistical Science 2021, Vol. 36, No. 1, 142–157), arXiv:1805.02046. PDF


60. Y. Zuo (2018)

“Robustness of the deepest projection regression depth functional”

Statistical Papers, PDF




59. Y. Zuo (2019)

“Large sample properties of the regression depth induced median”

Statistics and Probability Letters (166, November 2020, 108879). PDF, supplement PDF


58. Y. Zuo (2019)

“Depth induced regression medians and uniqueness”

Stats (in press), arXiv:1906.10461. PDF




57. W.Shao*, and Y. Zuo (2017)

Computing the halfspace depth with multiple try algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm” 

Computational Statistics,





56. Y. Zuo (2016)

“A new approach for the computation of halfspace depth in high dimensions”.

Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation

 PDF 48(3): 900-921.


55. X.Liu*, S. Luo and Y. Zuo (2016)

The limit of finite sample breakdown point of Tukey's halfspace median for general data”.  

Acta Mathematica Sinica, English Series  PDF 34(9): 1403-1416.






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“Some results on the computing of Tukey's halfspace median”.

Statistical Papers, Stat Papers (2017).


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“Finite sample breakdown point of Tukey's halfspace median”.

 Sci China Math, 2017, 60: 861–874, doi: 10.1007/s11425-016-0285-1





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“On the performance of confidence intervals for quantiles”

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“Bahadur representations for bootstrap quantiles"

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CompPD: A MATLAB package for computing projection depth"

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"Computing halfspace depth and regression depth"

Communications in Statistics - Simulation and Computation

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“Computing projection depth and its associated estimators"

Statistics and Computing, 24 (1), 51-63.






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“Multidimensional medians and uniqueness"

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 66, 82-88.


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“Exactly computing bivariate projection depth contours and median"

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis,  60, 1-11. PDF





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Simulated annealing for higher dimensional projection depth ‘’
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 56, 4026–4036




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 A new test for large dimensional regression coefficients”.

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“Statistical methods for differential gene detection in microarray''.

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“A powerful truncated tail strength method for testing multiple null hypotheses in one dataset".

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 "Exact computation of the bivariate projection depth and Stahel-Donoho estimator."

Computational Statistics and Data Analysis , 53(3), 1173-1179. 2011. PDF (GSCN:2)





40. L. Kong** and Y. Zuo (2009).

 “Smooth Depth Contours Characterize Underlying Distribution”

 Journal of Multivariate Analysis.  101(2010), 2222 – 2226, 2010. PDF


39. Y. Zuo (2009).

 "Is  t procedure $\bar{x} \pm t_\alpha(n-1) s/\sqrt{n}$ optimal?"

The American Statistician  64(2), 170-173, 2010.


38. R. Serfling and Y. Zuo (2009).

"Some Perspectives on Multivariate Quantile and Depth Functions"

The Annals of Statistics. (discussion article)  38(2), 676-684, 2010. PDF


37. Y. Zuo and G. Kang (2007)

“A mixed two-stage analysis for detecting interactions in genomewide association studies”

Journal of theoretical Biology , 262(4), 576-583, 2010.





36. Y. Yuan**, J. Wu ,  Y. Zuo, .and J. Chen (2009).

“A new method for fitting the complicated water level process of the lower Yellow River”.

 Science in China Seies E: Technological Sciences,  52(10): 2997 -3003, 2009.


35. Y. Zuo (2009).

"Data depth trimming procedure outperforms the classical $t$ (or $T^2$) one,"

Journal of Probability and Statistics  Volume 2009 (2009), Article ID 373572, 9 pages


34. Y.  Zuo and X. Ye (2009)   

ExPD2D: "Exact Computation of Bivariate Projection Depth Based on Fortran Code."

R package version 1.0.1.


33. Y. Zuo  and  S. Lai (2009)

“On a robust and efficient maximum depth estimator”

Science in China Series A: Mathematics . 52(6),1-21, 2009. PDF


32.  M. Wu* and Y. Zuo (2005)

“Trimmed and Winsorized means based on a scaled deviation”

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference139(2) 350-365, 2009. (GSCN:4)





31 .M. Wu* and Y. Zuo (2007)

“Trimmed and Winsorized Standard Deviations based on a scaled deviation”

Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 20(4):319-335, 2008. (GSCN:1)


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"Two-stage designs to identify the effects of SNP combinations on complex diseases"

Journal of Human Genetics. 53(8):739-46, 2008. (GSCN:3)


 29. Zuo, Y., Zou, G., Wang, J., Zhao, H., Liang, H.(2006).

Optimal two-stage design for case-control association analysis incorporating genotyping error

The Annals of Human Genetics, 72(3):375-387, 2008. (GSCN:8)


28. Kang**, G., Yue, W. Zhang, J., Cui, Y., Zuo, Y., and Zhang, D. (2007).

 An entropy-based approach for modeling and testing genetic epistasis underlying complex diseases.

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 Entropy-based joint analysis for two-stage genome-wide association studies.

Journal of Human Genetics, 52(9): 747-756, 2007. (GSCN:2)





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“On an L-estimator with data-dependent coefficients’’

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“Two-stage designs in case-control association analysis”
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24. Y. Zuo (2005)

``Robust location and scatter estimators in multivariate analysis'' 

(Invited book chapter to honor Peter Bickel on his 65th Birthday)

The Frontiers in Statistics, Imperial College Press, 467-490, 2006. PDF



23. Y. Zuo and X. He (2003)

“On the limiting distributions of multivariate depth-based rank sum statistics and related tests”

The Annals of Statistics.  34 (6), 2006. PDF (GSCN:5)


22. Y. Zuo (2003)

“Multi-dimensional trimming based on projection depth”

The Annals of Statistics.  34 (5), 2006. PDF  Final version (GSCN:11)


21. Q. Sha, X. Zhu, Y. Zuo, R. Cooper, and S. Zhang (2005)

``A combinatorial searching method for detecting a set of interacting loci associated with complex traits''.

The Annals of Human Genetics. 70(5): 677-692, 2006. PDF  (GSCN:12)


20. M. Arcones, H. Cui and Y. Zuo (2002)

“Empirical depth processes’’

Test (Spanish Statistical and Operations Research Society). 15(1): 151-177, 2006. PDF (GSCN:3)


19. G. Zou** and Y. Zuo (2005)

“On the sample size requirement in genetic association tests when the proportion of false positives is controlled"
Genetics. 172(1): 687-691, 2006. PDF (GSCN:16)





18. Y. Zuo and H. Cui (2002) 
"Depth weighted scatter estimators"

 The Annals of Statistics  33(1): 381-413, 2005. PDF (GSCN:20)





17. Y. Zuo (2003)

“Projection Based Affine Equivariant Multivariate Location Estimators with the Best Possible Finite Sample Breakdown Point’’

Statistica Sinica. 14 (4): 1199-1208, 2004. PDF  (GSCN:7)


16. Y. Zuo (2003)

“Robustness of weighted Lp-depth and Lp-median’’

 Allgemeines Statistisches Archiv (Journal of the German Statistical Society) (invited). 88: 1-20, 2004. PDF  (GSCN:10)


15. Y. Zuo, H. Cui and D. Young (2001)
"Influence function and maximum bias of projection depth based estimators" 
 The Annals of Statistics.  32(1): 189-218, 2004. Postscript  PDF (GSCN:20)


14.  Y. Zuo, H. Cui and X. He (2001)

“On the Stahel-Donoho Estimator and Depth-weighted Means of Multivariate Data”

The Annals of Statistics. 32(1): 167-188, 2004 Postscript  PDF 

 (award-winning  diploma)  (GSCN: 55)


13 .Y. Zuo and H. Cui (2002) 
"Statistical depth functions and some applications" 
 Advances in Mathematics (China) (invited). 33(1): 1-25, 2004. Postscript





12. Y. Zuo (2001)

"Finite sample tail behavior of multivariate location estimators"

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"Projection based depth functions and associated medians". 
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"Multivariate trimmed means based on data depth" 
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``Finite Sample Tail Behavior of Hodges-Lehmann Type Estimators''. 
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``Some Quantitative Relationships between Two Types of Finite Sample Breakdown Point''. 
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``Finite sample tail behavior of multivariate trimmed mean based on Tukey-Donoho half-space depth''

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``Multivariate Monotone Location Estimators''

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``General Notions of Statistical Depth Function''.

The Annals of Statistics. 28(2): 461-482, 2000. Postscript  PDF  (GSCN:212)


3. Y. Zuo and R. Serfling (1998)
``Structural Properties and Convergence Results for Contours of Sample Statistical Depth Functions''. 
 The Annals of Statistics. 28(2): 483-499, 2000. Postscript  PDF (GSCN:79)


2. Y. Zuo and R. Serfling (1998)
``Nonparametric Multivariate Notions of `Scatter' and `More Scattered' Based on Statistical Depth Functions''.

Journal of Multivariate Analysis. 75: 62-78, 2000. Postscript (GSCN:25)


1. Y. Zuo and R. Serfling (1998)

``On the Performance of Some Nonparametric Location Measures Relative to a General Notion of Multivariate Symmetry''.

Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference. 84: 55-79, 2000 Postscript (GSCN:32)


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