Statistical Genetics/Genomics

Journal Club meeting schedule


Spring 2013





Honglang Wang

Art Owen. (1990) Empirical Likelihood Ratio Confidence Regions, Annals of Statistics 18(1): 90-120.


Cen Wu

A novel strategy in statistical identification of gene-environment interaction.


Bin Gao

Schadt et al. (2005) An integrative genomics approach to infer causal associations between gene expression and disease. Nat Genet. 37(7):710-7.


Honglang Wang

Jin Qin and Jerry Lawless. (1994) Empirical Likelihood and General Estimating Equations. Ann. Statist. 22(1): 300-325.

Jin Qin and Jerry Lawless. (1995) Estimating equations, empirical likelihood and constraints on parameters. The Canadian Journal of Statistics 23(2): 145-159.


Tao He

Lindsay B. et al. (2008) Quadratic distances on probabilities: a unified foundation. Annals of Statistics 36(2): 983-1006.





Heng Wang

How to build an R package: the details and the trick. [slides]


at 3:15pm

Xu Liu, Ph.D.

Department of Statistics, Northwestern University

Research presentation “Local log-empirical likelihood inference for varying-coefficient density-ratio models based on case-control data.”


Tao He

Wu, M.C., Maity, A., Lee, S., Simmons, E.M., Harmon, Q.E., Lin, Xinyi, Engel, S.M., Molldrem, J.J., Armistead, P.M. (2013) Kernel machine SNP-set testing under multiple candidate kernels. Genetic Epidemiology doi:10.1002/gepi.21715. [Epub ahead of print]


Honglang Wang

Yehua Li and Tailen Hsing. (2010) Uniform convergence rates for nonparametric regression and principal component analysis in functional/longitudinal data. Ann. Statist. 38(6): 3321-3351.


Ran Cao

Daniel Gianola and Johannes B.C.H.M. van Kaam. (2008) Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces Regression Methods for Genomic Assisted Prediction of Quantitative Traits. Genetics 178: 22892303.


Honglang Wang

Song Xi Chen, Ingrid Van Keilegom. (2009) A review on empirical likelihood methods for regression. Test 18(3): 415-447.


Bin Gao

Cai, TT, H Li, W Liu, and J Xie (2013): Covariate-Adjusted Precision Matrix Estimation with an Application in Genetical Genomics. Biometrika 100: 139-156.


Journal club meeting is on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm - 4:30pm in C405 Wells Hall.

For more information, please contact Yuehua Cui. If you would like to join our group discussion or would like to present a talk, please drop me a line.

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