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Mark M. Meerschaert is a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Statistics and Probability at Michigan State UniversityMeerschaert has professional experience in the areas of probability, statistics, statistical physics, mathematical modeling, operations research, partial differential equations, and applications. He started his professional career in 1979 as a systems analyst at Vector Research, Inc. of Ann Arbor and Washington D.C., where he worked on a wide variety of modeling projects for government and industry. Meerschaert earned his doctorate in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1984. He has taught at the University of Michigan, Albion College, Michigan State University, the University of Nevada in Reno, the University of Washington in Seattle, and the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. His current research interests include fractional calculus, anomalous diffusion, continuous time random walks, limit theorems and parameter estimation for infinite variance probability models, heavy tail models in finance, modeling river flows with heavy tails and periodic covariance structure, medical imaging, fractional partial differential equations, and ground water flow and transport.

See below for some recent preprints.  Click here for his resume, a complete list of publications, Google Scholar profile, information about the Academic Press textbook Mathematical Modeling, the De Gruyter textbook Stochastic Models for Fractional Calculus, or the Wiley research monograph Limit Distributions for Sums of Independent Random Vectors: Heavy Tails in Theory and Practice.

Click here for a short video clip about my research, originally shown at the Michigan State University Distinguished Professor ceremony on 2 Novermber 2017.

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