Hyokyoung (Grace) Hong

Michigan State University
 Department of Statistics and Probability

Selected Statistical Publications

Software for High-dimensional Screening for Survival Data

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in press

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Selected Applied Publications

Perez, P., Bush, T., Hong, H. G., Pan, W., Miller, L., Bix, L.(2018) Reducing levels of medical device contamination through package redesign and opening technique. PLOS ONE, in press.

Dunn, S. L., Robbins, L. B., Smith, S. W., Ranganathan, R., DeVon, H. A., Collins, E. G., Hong, H. G., & Tintle, N. L. (2018). Enhancing physical activity in cardiac patients who report hopelessness: Feasibility testing of an intervention. Health Education Journal, in press.

Shu, Y., Liu, J., Zeng, X., Hong, H. G., Li, Y., Zhong, H., Ma, L., Fu, P. (2018) The effect of overhydration on mortality and technique failure among peritoneal dialysis patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Blood Purification, 46(4), 350-358.

Yang, H., Chen, F., Jiao, H., Luo, H., Yu, Y., Hong, H. G., Li, Y., Fu, P., Cui, T. (2018) Management of tunneled-cuffed catheter-related right atrial thrombosis in hemodialysis patients. Journal of Vascular Surgery, 68(5), 1491-1498.

Zeng, X,
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Lee, H., Erasmus, M., Swanson, J., Hong, H. G., Kang, I. (2016)  Improvement of turkey breast meat quality and cooked gel functionality using hot-boning, quarter sectioning, crust-freeze-air-chilling and cold-batter-mincing technologies.  Poultry Science, 95(1), 138-143.

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Shin, S.H., Hong, H. G., Hazen, A.L. (2010) Childhood sexual abuse and adolescent substance  use: A latent class analysis. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 109(1-3) 226-235.

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