Help Room Schedule (6 Kb .pdf).

STAT200 (774 Kb .nb).

Syllabus revised 1-5-10 (to include TA office hours and other details) (1.81 Mb .pdf).

Schedule of recitations (78 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment due 1-12-10 (also a guide to lecture 1-11-10) NOTE A COUPLE OF CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO THE VERSION ORIGINALLY POSTED, PARTICULARLY REF. TO PG. 372 SHOULD BE TO PG. 385 (564 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment, questions 1-4 due 1-19-10; questions 5-6 due 1-26-10 (also a guide to lectures 1-13-10 and 1-20-10) (270 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment due 1-26-10 includes questions 5-6 from rec1-19-10 (also a guide to lecture 1-25-10) (270 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 1-11-10 (1.1 Mb .pdf). Be sure to look over notes from the later lecture below.

Lecture 5:30pm 1-11-10 (748 Kb .pdf). A typo has been corrected in red. Be sure to look over notes from the earlier lecture above.

Key to recitation assignment 1-12-10 (557 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 1-13-10 3pm (737 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 1-13-10 5:30pm (687 Kb .pdf).

Key to recitation assignment 1-19-10 (6.91 Mb .pdf).

Recitation Assignment 1-26-10 (note corrections to 1c, table below 3a, and the table in #4) (156 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 1-20-10 3pm (1.02 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 1-20-10 5:30pm (1.09 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 1-25-10 3pm (584 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 1-25-10 5:30pm (633 Kb .pdf).

Quiz Key 1-25-10 lecture 3pm (69 Kb .pdf). Consult both keys as they are similar but differ.

Quiz Key 1-25-10 lecture 5:30pm (115 Kb .pdf). Consult both keys as they are similar but differ.

Recitation assignment 2-2-10, also the basis for lecture 1-27-10 (150 Kb .pdf). Reminder: Exam 1 is Wednesday 2-3-10.

Lecture 1-27-10 3pm (957 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 1-27-10 5:30pm (764 Kb .pdf). Correction: In #15 Var R should be 1.4^2 (4) + 9 (not +30).

Chapter 17 on Exam 1 (524 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 2-1-10 3pm (1016 Kb .pdf). Note: P(+ | not D) = 0.02 not 0.002 in "paradox of false positive."

Lecture 2-1-10 5:30pm (889 Kb .pdf). Note: P(+ | not D) = 0.02 not 0.002 in "paradox of false positive."

Key to (one version of) Quiz 1-26-10 (126 Kb .pdf). NOTE: This key displays initial probabilities and downstream probabilities of the tree at the ends of branchings whereas we have usually placed them above the branchings, except for the end ones such as D+ etc.

Key to one version of Exam 1 for 3pm lecture (132 Kb .pdf).

Key to one version of Exam 1 for 3pm lecture (132 Kb .pdf).

Key to one version of Exam 1 for 5:30 lecture (132 Kb .pdf).

Key to one version of Exam 1 for 5:30 lecture (132 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment 2-9-10, also the outline for lecture 2-8-10 (208 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 2-8-10 3pm (931 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 2-8-10 5:30pm (934 Kb .pdf).

KEY recitation 2-9-10 (243 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 2-10-10 3pm (1.08 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 2-10-10 5:30pm (779 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment due in recitation 2-16-10 (136 Kb .pdf). In 2b and 2d we will use the very same FPC defined in (1m) and not substitute n+4 for n in the FPC).

Lecture 3pm 2-15-10 (1.43 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 5:30pm 2-15-10 (1.01 Mb .pdf).

Part 1 (chapter 20) recitation exercises due 2-23-10 (28 Kb .pdf). Part 2 (chapter 21), also due 2-23-10, will be posted later since Chapter 20 is continued into Monday (change of syllabus)..

Lectures 3 and 5:30pm (1.17 Mb .pdf). Chapter 20 will continue into Monday.

A student's key to recitation 2-16-10 (223 Kb .pdf). NOTE: In 1c the answer is not really very small unless n is large (as "Don" reminds us in 5:30 class). In (1 l) just before "= 24/64" erase the "P( p is in" and trailing parenthesis. You are evaluating the CI not the probability that it covers p (which is around 0.68).

The 2-23-10 textbook assignment in a form you can work on. Work with this if you choose. I will go over some of these Monday 2-22-10 in lecture.

Supplement to Chapter 21 reposted Sunday 2-21-10. A correction was announced in lecture (see beow).

Lectures 3pm and 5:30pm 2-22-10 (1.88 Mb .pdf).

Preview of 2-24-10 (192 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 2-24-10 (1.68 Mb .pdf). Also view lecture 5:30pm.

Lecture 5:30pm 2-24-10 (1.23 Mb .pdf). Also view lecture 3pm.

Review for exam 2 and basis for lecture 3-1-10 (516 Kb .pdf). Will also be the prep for bonus quiz 3-1-10 and recitation assignment due 3-2-10. A partial key will be posted 2-26-10. Note: language correction in 4f and parenthetical comment on formulas given on exam 2 were added 2-26-10.

PRE-RELEASE OF KEY to review for exam 2 (591 Kb .pdf). There will be modest bounses for the first student(s) to document error(s) in this pre-release key. You will submit your own detailed write up of the solutions with details of calculations in recitation. Recitation credit may also involve solving and submitting a few related exercises in recitation.

KEY to quiz prototype 3-1-10. Use this as a model when working through your own quiz. Update: Typographical errors corrected in #2 and #5.

KEY to exam 2, 3pm 3-3-10 (212 Kb .pdf). In #4 both (a) and (b) are correct answers so circle (a) also.

KEY to exam 2, 5:30pm 3-3-10 (222 Kb .pdf). In #4 note that both (a) and (b) are correct answers.

Scale for exam 2 (both 3pm and 5:30pm) (180 Kb .pdf).

Recitation 3-16-10 and outline for 3-15/17-10 (338 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3-15-10 3pm (1.12 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 3-15-10 5:30pm (1.23 Mb .pdf).

Some t-CI for your practice (111 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 3-17-10 (1.06 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 5:30pm 3-17-10 (623 Kb .pdf).

Recitation assignment due 3-23-10 (109 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 3-22-10 (1.09 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 5:30pm 3-22-10 (768 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 3-24-10 (250 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 5:30pm 3-24-10 (236 Kb .pdf).

Chi-square table. (44 Kb .pdf).

Recitation 3-30-10 (also forms the basis for lecture 3-29-10) (109 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 3pm 3-29-10 (386 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 5:30pm 3-29-10 (297 Kb .pdf).

KEY to recitation 3-30-10 (3.14 Mb .pdf).

Recitation Assignment 4-6-10 (also the basis for lectures M W) (3.15 Mb .pdf).

Bonus 4-7-10 applicable to Exam 3 raw score (1.58 Kb .pdf). You need to score each CONSECUTIVE MSU possession + if it results in a score or - if it does not. Or pick Butler, or pick one team in the final playoff game. CORRECTION: Denominator 40 in E X of the last section should be 160. The answer is not affected.

Lecture 4-5-10 3pm (343 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 4-5-10 5:30pm (353 Kb .pdf).

Recitation 4-13-10 (1.17 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 4-12-10 5:30pm (use for 3pm also) (400 Kb .pdf)

Bonus due 4-19-10 (8 Kb .pdf). The population mean of x is 3.43. You will need that when determining the 95% z-based and regression-based CI for the population mean of y. Also, regression prediction is for "exam 3 grade" for exam 2 grade = 3.14.

Lecture 4-14-10 3pm (263 Kb .pdf) Check out Hans Rosling on youtube (TED Lectures 3 years ago).

Lecture 4-14-10a 5:30pm (135 Kb .pdf) Check out Hans Rosling on youtube (TED Lectures 3 years ago).

Bonus 4-14-10 due 4-19-10 (862 Kb .pdf). In the plot of "joyce" at the end of this file Log[joyce] was missing "Log." This has been corrected.

Recitation assignment due 4-20-10 (48 Kb .pdf).

Exam4prep (2.05 Mb .pdf).

Lecture 4-19-10 3pm (1.1 Mb .pdf).

Exam 4 Prep KEY (181 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 4-21-10 3pm (200 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 4-21-10 5:30pm (266 Kb .pdf).

Both lectures 4-21-10 IN CLASS ACTIVITIY (420 Kb .pdf).

Both lectures 4-21-10 A STUDENT'S SOLUTION TO IN CLASS ACTIVITIY (120 Kb .pdf).

Q and A regression KEY from 4-12-10. This was circulated in lecture but some students were not present. Here it is. ( .pdf).

How to determine your grade (321 Kb .pdf).

Key to quiz 4-26-10 (348 Kb .pdf). Correction: number 30 is True (a).

Quiz 4-26-10 3pm (811 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 4-26-10 3pm (176 Kb .pdf).

Lecture 4-26-10a 5:30pm (188 Kb .pdf).